Artificial Intelligence in Universities:
Challenges and Opportunities

1MillionBot Cluster

January 2024

Artificial Intelligence in Universities: Challenges and Opportunities is essential reading for academics and education professionals. This report takes an in-depth look at the revolutionary impact of AI on higher education. It offers a clear vision of how AI is reshaping learning, research and university administration, while raising crucial ethical questions. An invaluable guide to navigating and harnessing the opportunities of this new technological era in education.

Abbreviated table of contents:

1. Basic concepts and executive report

2. Methodology

3. What is Artificial Intelligence?

4. Artificial Intelligence in education

5. University management and AI: the road to efficiency.

6. AI and research activity in universities

7. AI, universities and the professional and business environment

8. Challenges of AI in Higher Education

9. Ethics, AI, Regulation and Universities

10. AI and universities in Spain.

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