Work with us

If you are interested in both working and training in:

  • AI related computing.
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Natural language processing (NPL)
  • Languages, tools and resources related to chatbots, platforms such as TensorFlow, DialogFlow, Watson..
  • Philologists with expertise in building dialogue trees and linguistic computing.
  • Advertising and marketing specialists interested in language technologies that achieve relevant objectives for online commerce, internal communication, lead acquisition, customers…
  • Any field of specialties (sociology, law, philology, health, tourism…) in which intelligent virtual assistants can be applied.
  • Our company makes positive discrimination in favor of female talent.

As important as your specialty is that you feel passion for co-creation, hybridization of your knowledge with other disciplines, teamwork, being disruptive and for learning in a highly innovative environment such as TJ-OST.

If you are entrepreneurial and have a project that you think may be related to everything you have read above …

Send us your CV with a cover letter to:

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