behind the name "1MillionBot" there is a whole history of hard work and innovation by a team that has always opted to strive to be a "pioneer" in the field of the most relevant technologies, such as artificial intelligence. It started with a challenge to the AI-Natural Language Processing models in place at the end of the last decade: understand the “real language” that people use on a daily basis.

A million real conversations

To achieve this, we undertook the task of collecting a million conversations through chatbots dedicated to such popular topics as horoscopes, travel, sex education... and even letters to Santa Claus. This was possible thanks to, with its vast audience at that time (more than 20 million users), which allowed us to interact with people of all ages, educations, genders, and Spanish-speaking regions and other languages.

The effort had a valuable result: our chatbots showed an exceptional ability to interact, reaching conversational success rates of over 91%, even in some cases and in complex and very open topics of 98% (measured by Google DialogFlow). This success was the result of training him with massive genuine and empathetic conversations that allowed us to create a unique corpus of "real language"«. Our attendees were featured in the magazine Harvard Business Review as success stories.

A commitment to the future: a million bots that empower people

When it came time to name our project, the "creatives" chose "1MillionBot". This name not only honors that first million conversations that cemented our project, but also wanted to reflect an even bigger vision: that of creating a million bots to democratize artificial intelligence, providing information and assistance to companies, universities and public administrations.

We want to "1MillionBot" is more than just a name, as it embodies our ambition and commitment to the future, it is articulated as a promise to continue innovating and aspire to lead in the world of technology, drives us in the desire to be pioneers, to take artificial intelligence to the next level and to ensure that humanity benefits from its advances.

This is 1MillionBot: a combination of past, present and, above all, future.

Welcome and welcome to the exciting journey of 1MillionBot!