1MillionBot born in 2018 is a technology company that operates in the field of Artificial Intelligence, with recognized leadership in the development of virtual assistants (AVIs) in the public and private spheres, with more than 120 success stories ( success stories, awards and recognitions) in the national and international market.
Through organic and inorganic growth (acquisitions and alliances) we created the 1MillionBot Group  with the following areas of activity:

1MillionBot has an AI R&D department through which they have managed to articulate projects financed by institutions such as the CDTI. Through its AI Observatory 1MillionBot monitors the advances made in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (generative AI) with the aim of implementing those advances that add value to the projects that are being carried out.

1MillionBot carried out in 2019 a round of financing of €1,5 million. It is currently continuing its technological and market expansion with its own resources.

Currently around 1MillionBot a set of technological agreements and operational alliances are promoted to achieve clear leadership in our field of specialization.

Our equipment Executive includes professionals with expertise in artificial intelligence, chatbot development, marketing, operations, and project management. gather characteristics, principles and values of which we are very proud.

Here you can see our compromises as a company and our Privacy Policy.

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