Tourist Intelligence

IA applied to tourism.
Chatbots and GPT4

The potential of IA  applied to tourist activities

Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to tourism -Tourism Intelligence- has enormous potential in all aspects and activities: supply, demand, infrastructures, resources, etc. We summarize in those aspects where it will play a crucial role: 


Personalization and recommendations of destinations, activities...

Using user data analysis and machine learning, AI systems can deliver destination, activity, hotel and restaurant recommendations that match individual traveler preferences, thus improving the overall travel experience.


Chatbots and virtual assistants for visitors 24 hours a day.

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants help travelers answer questions, make reservations and provide relevant information in real time. This allows tourism companies to offer a more efficient and personalized service, while reducing customer service costs.


Price optimization and revenue management

AI analyzes demand patterns and external factors to determine the best pricing strategy for hotels, airlines, and other tourism services. This allows you to maximize revenue and improve customer satisfaction by offering competitive and fair prices.


Sentiment analysis and digital tourism reputation

Artificial intelligence can analyze customer opinions on social media and review websites to identify trends and areas for improvement in products and services.


Forecasting and management of tourism demand

AI analyzes historical data and external factors, such as events, weather, and market trends, to predict future demand for tourism services. This helps companies optimize resource allocation, plan marketing strategies, and improve inventory management.


Analysis of routes and optimization of tourist itineraries

Artificial intelligence analyzes transportation options, travel time, and tourist preferences to create optimized itineraries. This reduces planning time for travelers and improves efficiency in the use of transportation resources.


Fraud detection and security

AI systems identify patterns of abnormal or potentially fraudulent behavior in online transactions, such as flight or hotel reservations. This improves the security of operations and protects clients and providers of tourism services.


Virtual and augmented reality experiences

Artificial intelligence powers the development of virtual and augmented reality experiences that allow tourists to explore destinations and activities before their trip, which can increase satisfaction and encourage sustainable tourism. You can also gamify a tourist experience through existing metaverses.


Translation and communication in real time

AI tools such as machine translators can facilitate communication between tourists and service providers in different languages, improving the experience and accessibility for travelers.


Environmental impact management

AI assesses and manages the environmental impact of tourism by analyzing data and identifying critical areas that require attention. This contributes to a more sustainable and responsible approach in the tourism industry.

Success stories

1MillionBot National Award FITUR with "The Chatbots Tourism Awards 2022" and most innovative company for Sergestur.

Eli, the virtual assistant developed by 1MillionBot for Grupo GastroPortal (El Portal and Singular in Alicante and Bar Manero in Madrid and Alicante) received the award for Best Tourist Chatbot 2022 at "The Chatbots Tourism Awards 2022", a recognition promoted by FITUR, ICEX and SEGITTUR. See restaurant reservation management chatbots.

Previously, Sergestur classified it as the leader of the 40 most innovative companies. See more.

Intelligent Tourist Office adaptable to metaverses 


  1. “gamifiable” design
  2. Multimedia interior environment: information on the city, tourist offer and events.
  3. Muli-access (glasses, web, app...). Access to the virtual reality office)
  4. Open space to promote activities (concerts, meetings, conferences...)
  5. Intelligent virtual assistants that serve the public in the Metaversian office 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  6. Access from the office to the most emblematic virtual spaces of the city

Smart Tourist Office by Meta Software Factory 
Partner of 1MillionBot

Chatbots for restaurants Reservations + ChatGPT

You can combine a chatbot for reservations and with the information of your restaurant with a chatbot expert in gastronomy, food, wine….


More than 30 Universities

Prescription and enrollment assistants, automation, virtual tutors, student retention. Referred to as international success stories (Harvard Business Review, El País…)

Admin Public

Ministry of Finance, Madrid City Hall, Valencia City Council, State Ports, ICEX, Ministry of Culture, Open Administration of Catalonia, Barcelona Provincial Council, Valencia Provincial Council…


Companies of all sectors and sizes: Bankia, Airzone, Red Eléctrica de España, Acciona, Musaat, AINIA, Terra Natura Benidorm, Gastroportal, Casamayor, AEDAS Home, Parlem…

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    The Ministry of Science and Innovation has awarded 1MillionBot the Innovative SME seal. This badge is a recognition that the Ministry grants to companies that meet a series of requirements and that therefore have an innovative character, in order to establish a public policy that helps their growth and sustainability.

    ONE MILLION BOT SL has been selected for the ICEX internationalization program. Our fundamental work is focused on supporting the internationalization of ICEX NEXT companies. 

    ONE MILLION BOT SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the use and quality of information and communication technologies and access to them and thanks to which it has carried out an audit for the implementation of the security system to improve competitiveness and productivity of the company. Exercise 2021. For this, it has had the support of the CyberSecurity program of the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante