1Millionbot's technology and production teams have been since the emergence of chatGPT, working on the exploitation and synergies with Open AI's chatGPT technology. We will give more details about more advanced developments soon, but there is already a preview: integration of GPT Chat in the Millie platform (1MillionBot).

Preview of the new 1MillionBot website

What do means this?

According to the production manager of 1MillionBot raquel pomares, ChatGPT's answers are very good, but sometimes they are inaccurate, “They are not legal, institutional responses or subject to the communication and marketing protocols of a particular company.“. In other words, the answers that those responsible want.
How to solve this? The answer: integrating into the millie platform by 1MillionBot, chatGPT. Two efficient systems in their respective functions.


  • The bot is directed and/or conversational for those previously defined conversational intentions.
  • ChatGPT responds in the “default” function; that is, when the user asks questions for which we have not provided a specific answer.

Do you want to try it?

  • Our Chatbot Bill answers questions about 1MillionBot. Our millie platform manage these responses.
  • When users ask you things that have nothing to do with 1MillionBot, the answer is handled by you. Chat GPT.

Test it: https://1millionbot.com/chatbot-bill/



Screenshots of responses Chat GPT y millie platform by 1MillionBot
In the last screenshot, an example of how our Bot helps to recover the focus of the conversation

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