Chatbot + Chat live

Integrate both functionalities in a single tool and take advantage of the best of both

  • Leading Millie: To develop a chatbot that will answer the answers designed by you
  • ChatGPT: to answer the rest of the questions
  • LiveChat or Live Chat: so that people can communicate with people

Imagine that you have a business or establishment selling to the public

The chatbot that at dawn (and quickly 24 hours a day, as long as the calls accumulate) responds to users about prices and qualities of the products in your store. Eg clothing, schedules, discounts, etc.

Un Chat GPT integrated will help the chatbot in more general topics such as the difference between one raw material and another. Eg what difference is there between wool and polyester.

Un live chat that people attend and you can activate it during business hours, whenever customers require it or according to the criteria you set.

A perfect combination to get the most out of AI and Human Intelligence

Some examples in which the combination is a success.

1. Chatbots have no management limit. They allow to automate +90% of the queries. You can decongest and reserve your employees to resolve queries that really require special human attention and increase the quality of service. 

2. Repetitive questions answered by humans can be passed to chatbots

3. When a chatbot requires the service of a human, it will take note and notify the personnel in charge. 


Decongest call centers and customer service to increase speed and quality of service

Una only tool with 3 powerful features (Chatbot, ChatGPT and Live Chat)

Exploit the benefits of conversational chatbots and human-managed chat

Voz & Chatbots 

Voice+ Text and its potential: accessibility, speed, more natural interaction...

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