Lead capture

To combine Artificial Intelligence y Chatbots smart conversational tools to win customers

Our millie platform allows the recruitment of leads and the creation of surveys. 

How chatbots help

1. Being. Greeting potential customers and connecting with them by offering a personalized service and solving their doubts.
2. spreading. Creating push campaigns from WhatsApp or Instagram to send automated messages to leads.
3. Incentivizing. Offering incentives or benefits in exchange for contact details, such as exclusive content or a special offer.
4. reporting. Building relationships with leads by sending them relevant and valuable content, such as explanatory guides or useful articles.
5. segmenting the audience according to their interests and needs, and establishes a point system to prioritize the most qualified leads.
6. Integrating. With the integration of a chatbot service empathic responses 24 hours a day / chat attended by people / ChatGPT by default.
7. Participating. Through surveys of our Millie platform.

How AI helps

1. Analyzing sets of big data from multiple sources and identify the target market and classify the leads.
2. Mimproving content marketing, offering experiences Custom and relevant to potential customers.
3. Creating innovative interactions with potential customers, using new chatbots, or video calls.
4. Thebetter aligning marketing and sales, using a chatbot to collect data, qualify and segment leads.
5. Capitalizing on data patterns and optimizing marketing campaigns to capture more potential customers.

Relationships start with good multi-channel conversations

Adapt your chatbot to all channels: Web, voice, WhatsApp, Telegram... to generate leads in countless places

We design the complete experience: to end up in the Lead or in a live conversation in empathic language with him/her.

Objective to convert "visits" into "customers".

How lead capture works in practice:

1. Provoking it in a natural and justified way. It does not ask for them, it justifiably causes the client to provide it to us. 

2. The customer asks, the chatbot answers, with useful information, always with a spark of wit.

3. Saving time.

4. Designing conversational traces to provide enough value to justify the leads.

5. When they need more specific information, they themselves will want to give you their information. You can send them a contact form or fill it directly from the chatbot.

6. In addition, the chatbots incorporate a base with +500 questions, to maintain the naturalness even when they leave the main topic: the weather, sports, leisure, personal things... And they even know some jokes!

Some success stories in Lead Capture chatbots

The Aedas chatbot  serves the clients of AEDAS Homes, a real estate developer that offers new-build flats, houses, chalets, ground floors with gardens, penthouses and duplexes. This bot, apart from informing about the real estate offer of AEDAS, has as its main mission the capture of leads.

Musaat, a mutual company specializing in Civil Liability and Construction insurance, launched a new chatbot in its Private Area, designed to make it easier for policyholders to access and digitally sign their policies, among other features.

The chatbot developed for Inmobiliaria Casamayor is aimed at different user profiles, from owners who want to sell or rent their homes, buyers, or tenants looking for a home to rent.
The assistant offers support and attention to users by generating an automatic notification so that Inmobiliaria Casamayor can contact the user as soon as possible.

AI and Chatbots: the perfect customer adaptation


Even when no one is there, keep capturing leads. Anytime, every day of the year.

+90% Hit

Immediate and brilliant answers. All the relevant information and a spark of wit.


simultaneous conversations

Infinite conversations at the same time. How many emails without conversion will you save?


Web, app, Whatsapp... Wherever the customer needs it, there will be a chatbot willing to talk.

+ 30 %

reduction of operating costs

+ 90 %

automation rate


Customer satisfaction rate


conversion vs traditional digital


decrease in agent burnout

Imagine what to do with the Artificial intelligence.
we will make it possible

Information and advice

We provide you with all the information, demos and advice you need

1. We identify needs

We gather information about your system, needs and objectives

2. Kick off meeting

Kick-off meeting with the 1MillionBot team

3. Work plan and timing

We establish the work plan and time based on your systems and objectives

4. Getting started on your system

We start up your intelligent virtual assistant and help you get the most out of it