Artificial Intelligence to promote literature and culture

Can you imagine having a conversation with your favorite writer? Or read a story created especially for you by a chatbot to which you have given the instructions? Literary chatbots make these experiences and many more possible.

What are literary and cultural chatbots

Literary chatbots are artificial intelligence applications that can generate or interact with creative texts, such as poems, short stories, or novels. Some literary chatbots train on the works of famous authors and can imitate their style or create original texts based on them.

Literary chatbots can stimulate creativity, encourage reading, offer personalized entertainment, and help writers get inspired.

At 1MillionBot we are committed to researching and developing instruments that promote educational innovation and promote cultural dissemination.

Some of our projects and results

DulcineIA: helping to read Don Quixote 

dulcineia is a chatbot specialized in Don Quixote, the masterpiece of Miguel de Cervantes. This chatbot can answer more than 1.000 questions about the content, language, and historical context of the first part of the book. DulcineIA has been created with artificial intelligence and natural language processing, based on extensive bibliographic documentation and with the collaboration of various cultural and educational institutions (Ministry of Culture, NTT Data Foundation, fifty secondary education centers, Instituto Cervantes, Mario Benedetti Center for Ibero-American Literary Studies…)

Since its launch in early 2021, DulcineIA has been very well received by readers interested in Don Quixote. He has accumulated thousands of hours of conversation and has answered more than 10.000 questions from people all over the world. In addition, he has participated in events such as the Cervantes Week of the Cervantes Institute (IE) or the Cervantes Reading Club of the University of Copenhagen. DulcineIA currently helps IE students at their offices in Beijing and Shanghai, to read Don Quixote. To watch the news

Elias: Vargas Llosa's intelligent assistant

Elias  is a chatbot based on artificial intelligence that answers your questions about the life and work of Vargas Llosa, one of the greatest exponents of Spanish-American literature and Nobel Prize in 2010.

With Elías you can learn more about the literary and personal career of Vargas Llosa. You can ask him about his first books, his most famous novels, his influences and his recurring themes. You can also ask him about his experiences as a journalist, politician and citizen of the world. Or you can know his point of view on historical or current figures. There is no limit to your curiosity. Dare to have a dialogue with Elías and help us improve his conversational ability.

Chatbot of the Fondillón and the Torres de la Huerta (1th and XNUMXth centuries): XNUMXMillionBot + ChatGPT

Rafa, is a virtual assistant expert in Fondillón wine, he also knows very well the history of the Orchard of Alicante (Horta d'Alacant) and its towers. 1MillionBot technology in this case on an experimental basis has been added Chat GPT integrated to delve into Alicante viticulture.

This is a project developed in collaboration with Raphael Poveda, winemaker and one of the best specialists in fondillon wine and in its history.

Plácido: to celebrate the centenary of Luis García Berlanga

Placid, is an artificial intelligence assistant that offers information about the life and work of the Valencian filmmaker Luis García Berlanga. It is housed in the virtual museum Berlanga Film Museum. The chatbot answers a hundred questions based on the director's own testimonials and is named after one of his most famous films.

The project has been promoted by the Institut Valencià de Cultura, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Berlanga. The objective is to incorporate artificial intelligence and the latest technological innovations to the dissemination and projection of the figure of one of the classics of Spanish cinema. The chatbot is designed to primarily capture the attention of a young audience and the new generations of digital natives.

The project chatbot

Literary chatbots are a new way of creating and enjoying literature through artificial intelligence. These are conversational systems that can generate creative, interactive and personalized texts according to the user's preferences and context. Also chatbots that know about his life and work and with whom we can interact, talk, provoke...

In Spain 1MillionBot leads this initiative that has precedents in the Anglo-Saxon world as Character.AI, a platform that allows you to create virtual characters with whom you can talk about any topic. Characters have their own personalities, stories, and emotions, adapting to the style and tone of the user. In addition, different literary genres can be chosen, such as science fiction, romance or horror.

Another interesting project is AI Dungeon, a role-playing adventure created by artificial intelligence, in which the user can choose between various universes and scenarios, and develop their own story with the help of AI. AI generates the narration text and user action options, creating a unique and unpredictable experience.

These projects use language models and generative artificial intelligence to create original and coherent texts from user input. Some of the more advanced models are ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus, which have been trained with large amounts of textual data and can respond to natural language requests. Likewise, the literary corpus can complement theThe linguistic corpora of «real» conversation«, that is to say the language of the people of every day.

AI-powered literary chatbots offer new possibilities for the creation and consumption of literature, enabling greater interaction, personalization, and immersion.

1MillionBot aims to promote this type of technology to promote the projection of our literary and cultural heritage among young people.

In a phase under study, the integration of metaversian spaces, gamified that favor the knowledge of good literature among young people, is contemplated.

Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence

AI-based literary chatbots can also be integrated into the metaverse, a virtual space that merges physical reality with digital virtuality. The metaverse allows users to interact with virtual environments, objects, and people through devices such as virtual or augmented reality glasses.

In this context, literary chatbots can offer more immersive and personalized storytelling experiences, by adapting to the context and user preferences at all times.

At 1MillionBot we carry out projects in the Metaverse in collaboration with Meta Software factory.

Rafael González

PhD in Hispanic Philology, computational linguist and coordinator of the Chatboteca project

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