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 Powerful, easy-to-use solutions that let you take advantage of cutting-edge technology. ¡¡¡Everything in the cloud!!

Make a Bot
insert ChatGPT into your website

The magic of ChatGPT with the best prompts (personality of your bot), personalized in just 2 minutes From €10 per month –yes, only €10–. If you get stuck, call us!!

A chatbot with Millie
High design and control functions

With Milllie, you can design and customize your own chatbot based on the real language corpus. Either to manage reservations at your restaurant or health clinic, or to convert all the information on your website into a chatbot in just 3 minutes.

empower yourself to study

Access the best tool to study based on generative AI. For individual use or integration into platforms and teaching centers.

Empower your communications

Any idea turned into the best marketing in social networks, advertising campaigns, mail, content development and much more

More tools SaaS

Gestion of reservs

Manage the reservations of your restaurant or a health clinic (with TRABEM).

Your Web converted into a Chatbot

Convert your information websites in a chatbot in 3 minutes. You will improve access and data.

Convert your websites in a chatbot with Millie

All the potential of the new generative AI in a dashboard with the best features on the market



Users don't want to navigate, they want to find all the information quickly. Ask and go to the desired information.


A chatbot collects very valuable data: products or services desired and not found. complaints… One opportunity to meet your users


Fast, cheap and powerful. A revolution of your web and with reduced cost. ohTake advantage of the investments in your website! 


Explore everything you can do in this field. A first step to start your revolution in the world of AI: ChatGPT and more.

Process in 4 steps

1. index your website

Like Google, we index all the information on your website.

2. avatar + name

Customize your avatar

3. hello + bye

Choose a greeting, the farewell and the default

4. and infinite functions

The full potential of AI

You already have the bot!
The chatbot searches and responds with the information from your website. And now?

+ Date

Explode the data. What do users ask? Does the information on your page correspond to what they ask for? How does user satisfaction evolve? Should I update my website?

+ Features

Want to add ChatGPT answers for questions without information? Do you want a powerful dashboard? You can explore new potentialities from knowledge

Other Solutions

e-commerce and retail
Listen to your customers, adapt your strategy and personalize sales

Internal communication
Efficient organization of your company, homogenized speech

Customer service
Substitute or complementary to the call center, available 24/7.

Leads and Big Data
Strategies based on data, customer profile and CRM connection.

Live chat
Live chat with the client when the situation requires it.


More than 30 Universities

Prescription and enrollment assistants, automation, virtual tutors, student retention. Referred to as international success stories (Harvard Business Review, El País…)

The most important Admin. public

Ministry of Finance, Madrid City Hall, Valencia City Council, State Ports, ICEX, Ministry of Culture, Open Administration of Catalonia, Barcelona Provincial Council, Valencia Provincial Council…

innovative companies

Companies of all sectors and sizes: Bankia, Airzone, Red Eléctrica de España, Acciona, Musaat, AINIA, Terra Natura Benidorm, Gastroportal, Casamayor, AEDAS Home, Parlem…

Partners & Alliances

We teach you how the Artificial Intelligence serves you

Increase productivity in your processes with automation.

Improve customer service and personalization of services
Increases lead conversion level and customer/user experience.

It enhances the predictive capacity in all aspects of the company: consumption, distribution, transport...

    More than 120 success stories where we have put AI and heart..

    We have won the most important public tenders competing with leading technology companies

    – We have won 4 United Nations international tenders on critical issues: COVID, post-pandemic health, gender violence, family planning in countries with complex social realities: Ecuador, Kuwait, Nigeria, Central America in Spanish and English.

    – We have won benchmark public tenders in Spain such as the Open Administration of Catalonia (Generalitat + all Catalan municipalities), University of Granada…

    – We have generated the top digital automation solution in the State Ports contest for the unloading of containers.

    Lola, the reference chatbot in the PLN industry, picked up as success story in Harvard Business Review, The country…

    Lola is the virtual assistant of the University of Murcia, she is in charge of assisting the students in the pre-registration and registration of the university. The assistant in her first year answered more than 38,708 questions in open conversational language, with a success rate of over 91% ». Lola was the first assistant that 1Millionbot developed for a university and the project was echoed El País y   Harvard Business Review

    This success is the initial basis of our presence in 30 universities. See Chatbots Universities.

    1MillionBot: Ranked No. 1 in the Region of Madrid competing with 35 companies in the sector

    At 1MillionBot we achieved the highest score in the ranking of specific technologies related to virtual assistants prepared by the Community of Madrid in which 35 companies participated, including some of the most prestigious technology consultancies.

    1MillionBot has consolidated this leadership with its presence in numerous Public Administrations: City Councils of Madrid, Valencia... Provincial Councils of Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville... Autonomous Communities of Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia... See Chatbots Public Administrations.

    1MillionBot National Award FITUR with "The Chatbots Tourism Awards 2022" and most innovative company for Sergestur.

    Eli, the virtual assistant developed by 1MillionBot for Grupo GastroPortal (El Portal and Singular in Alicante and Bar Manero in Madrid and Alicante) received the award for Best Tourist Chatbot 2022 at "The Chatbots Tourism Awards 2022", a recognition promoted by FITUR, ICEX and SEGITTUR. See restaurant reservation management chatbots.

    Previously, Sergestur classified it as the leader of the 40 most innovative companies. Read more.

    Companies and institutions receive Awards for our products and developments

    Something that greatly satisfies us is that companies and institutions receive awards and recognition for our chatbots and developments:
    - Medical Journal and Pharmaceutical Mail, by Chatbot Gau, patient empowerment. Granted by the Unidad Editorial Group to the chatbot GAU – Anepf – Diario Médico y Correo Farmacéutico.
    - Jaen University, by Ada Chatbotl National Award of the Club of Excellence in Management granted in Madrid.
    - gastroportal, winner of the “The Chatbot Tourism Awards 2022” contest for Chabot Eli.
    - Blinker, Digitalísimo Award 2019, for Business Intelligence, introduction of AI, chatbot…

    First in the world to integrate Chat GPT 

    Bill, our corporate chatbot that gives information about 1MillionBot and Rafa, part of our chatbot. a virtual assistant expert in Fondillón wine, were the first to combine the technologies of 1MillionBot + ChatGPT in a balanced way.

    This integration allows, on the one hand, to fix specific answers to certain questions, giving precision, rigor and unique answers. On the other, take advantage of all the capabilities of ChatGPT.

    Carina: the world's first Chatbot against COVID, served citizens in 400 public and private institutions

    Trained with answers from the World Health Organization, Carina was on the website of the Ibero-American Secretariat of Heads of State (SEGIB), more than 400 institutions – 200 municipalities (see Chatbots Municipalities), in the Hispanic community with a presence in 10 countries. In the media: Grupo PRISA in Colombia and Mexico.

    Its technology and corpus served as the basis to win the international tender in Ecuador, with the Chatbot Catalina, another international success story that was projected in 4 additional tenders won. 


    The Ministry of Science and Innovation has awarded 1MillionBot the Innovative SME seal. This badge is a recognition that the Ministry grants to companies that meet a series of requirements and that therefore have an innovative character, in order to establish a public policy that helps their growth and sustainability.

    ONE MILLION BOT SL has been selected for the ICEX internationalization program. Our fundamental work is focused on supporting the internationalization of ICEX NEXT companies. 

    ONE MILLION BOT SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the use and quality of information and communication technologies and access to them and thanks to which it has carried out an audit for the implementation of the security system to improve competitiveness and productivity of the company. Exercise 2021. For this, it has had the support of the CyberSecurity program of the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante