e-commerce chatbots

El ecommerce without AI is like a ship without a compass:
You can navigate, but you don't know where you are going.
Only with the Artificial Intelligence we can guide our business
towards the success and satisfaction of our customers.



+ 90 %





The combination of artificial intelligence and intelligent chatbots is the perfect match to take e-commerce to a new level of efficiency, personalization and customer satisfaction.

How does the Artificial Intelligence to electronic commerce

1. Customization: AI analyzes customer data to create recommendations and customer experiences custom purchase.

2. Automation: Artificial intelligence can automate repetitive tasks and simplify processes to save time and resources.

3. Improved efficiency: AI processes large amounts of data in a short time, which improves efficiency and reduces costs.

4. trend prediction: AI analyzes patterns and trends in data to predict customer behavior and adjust marketing strategies in consecuense.

5. Customer segmentation: AI segments customers into groups based on their interests and behaviors to create marketing campaigns more effective.

6. Sentiment analysis: AI analyzes customer sentiments and opinions on social media and other media to Improving customer satisfaction.

7. Customer support: AI helps customers through chatbots and other systems to solve problems quickly.

8. error reduction: AI automates processes to reduce human error and improve accuracy.

9. Price optimization: AI analyzes competitor pricing and customer data to optimize product pricing.

10. big data analytics: AI analyzes large amounts of data to discover patterns and trends that help companies make better business decisions.

11. Break the ceilings. AI is the key to unlocking the true potential of e-commerce, delivering personalized and efficient experiences that exceed customer expectations«.

Because the smart chatbots are decisive for e-commerce

  1. Chatbots are efficient, cheap and easy to implement. 
  2. They offer customer service 24/7  outside business hours   Why stop selling when a customer, whatever the time, wants to buy?
  3. Customization. Offer purchase recommendations customized.
  4. History: each person is a world: help to recover lost sales. For example, they recommend products based on the customer's interests and purchasing history, which increases the chances of purchase.
  5. Post-sale: giving the face. A chatbot improves the after sales experience, through permanent customer service, collecting complaints and new needs.
  6. Date. Chatbots provide basic product information and generate a very valuable data about them.
    It also helps free up customer service representatives to focus on more complex issues.
  7. Scalability: starting with a very basic chatbot until scaling it to be able to solve complex problems.
  8. comprehension of intent: They can have tools that analyze the interaction in order to identify the best ways to attract and serve your customers.
  9. Time saving and efficiency: A chatbot processes multiple conversations simultaneously, increasing efficiency and reducing waiting times.
  10. Conversion increase: A chatbot helps guide the customer through the buying process and solve any doubts you have, which increases the chances of conversion and finalizing the purchase.
  11. Improved customer retention: A chatbot provides support and customer service quickly and efficiently, helping to keep customers satisfied and loyal customers.
Chatbots as internal tools in companies

 AI is a disruptive technology… Join us!

Last year, 49% of ecommerce users in the United States changed companies due to poor customer service.

1 in 5 smart assistants use voice shopping.

And this has only just begun. A company that does not position itself will lose its market in the very short term.  Use our consultancy

An ecommerce chatbot 'in action'

Alma is a chatbot that helps users about everything related to footwear. Doubts in the buying and selling process are critical: uncertainty about the return, shipping costs...

  • Answer the most frequently asked questions about your product or service.
  • Solve incidents during the purchase.
  • Or better yet, guide them through the entire process.

A chatbot can answer more than 1.000 frequently asked questions. And you can be an expert on any subject. It can help about fashion, compatible colors, advantages of certain materials...

Business chatbots are empathic: his language tries to understand the client and give him an honest and efficient service.

1MillionBot chatbots can be combined:

  • The chat which is attended by company operators when the client requests it.
  • The catGPT that complements answers to more general questions. 
  • With a control panel and platform that allow the system to be exploited. 



General information of the company: Your information accompanied by your philosophy and values ​​show closeness and sincerity.

Tracking order: Check the status of your order by asking the chatbot directly.

Product Search: The customer searches for an item in the catalog through an image. The chatbot collects the data and uses it for a much more personalized experience.

Information and sustainability: Generate empathy with the client by showing your commitment.

Return Policy: Automate returns with a chatbot that will answer any questions at any stage of the process.


Know the concerns and concerns of your customers, provide them with the information they need.


Doubts resolved in seconds, with someone who listens and understands you. Make any client's dream come true.


How much time do you waste answering the same routine questions? Let the chatbot answer for you.


Is your business closed? Don't stop selling, the assistant takes care of everything.

ALMA, GIOSEPPO's night salesperson


on the night shift

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