chatbots for restaurants

Don't lose a customer!
Increase and manage your reservations automatically with our virtual assistant available 24/7. 

Our virtual assistant is the perfect solution to attend and easily manage all reservations. 

Available 24 / 7


The chatbot is available 24/7 and can handle hundreds of requests at the same time, avoiding lost reservations due to not being able to answer the phone. 

We connect the assistant with your reservation center 

We integrate the chatbot with your reservation center so that you can easily manage them.


Integrate the chatbot in different channels easily, web, WhatsApp.

Call redirection when necessary 

The chatbot redirects the call to your team to make the reservation when necessary.

Chatbots for restaurants make it easy for customers to reserve a table without having to communicate with a member of staff, but if necessary for any eventuality our system allows a member of your staff to personally attend to the customer. 

Without permanence or commissions Try our product without permanence or maintenance fees 


Faster and easier reservations via voice or text
The chatbot can answer calls with voice or text. It facilitates the interaction with the client to offer the greatest comfort.

The chatbot can process reservations at any time of the day, even if the staff is not available or busy with other tasks. Their integration with the high-quality booking engine can also improve accuracy by eliminating human error.

Request a demo and we will show you the potential of the virtual assistant for your restaurant. You can do it by filling in the form or by calling us at:        (34) 623 02 57 67