Public Administrations

Town Halls, Provincial Councils, Autonomous Communities, Ministries, International Organizations...

Leaders in intelligent Chatbots for citizen service

What AI does for citizens

  • Serve citizens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Automate actions: permits, licenses, payment of taxes, infractions...
  • Identify unresolved needs of citizens and their complaints
  • Promote agility, efficiency and transparency
  • Smart administrations in smart cities

4 large areas where AI and chatbots can increase the quality of services to citizens

1. AI-based Citizen Service Systems

Chatbots and virtual assistants can handle common queries and provide quick answers to frequently asked questions, improving efficiency and reducing the workload for staff. These systems can integrate with websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms, and provide multilingual support to serve a diverse population.

3. AI-based Data Analysis and Prediction

Artificial intelligence can help municipalities and public administrations analyze large volumes of data, such as historical records, demographic data, and infrastructure data. These analyzes can provide valuable information for decision making, urban planning and resource allocation.

2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automate repetitive tasks and bureaucratic processes in public administration, such as application processing, permit management, and billing. RPA helps minimize human error, streamline processes, and free up employees to focus on higher value-added tasks.

4. Intelligent transport and mobility management

Optimization and planning of public transport and urban mobility. Artificial intelligence analyzes real-time data on traffic, public transport demand and weather conditions to adjust routes, schedules and frequencies of public transport vehicles, reduce congestion and improve the efficiency of the transport system. 

Municipalities and Provincial Councils

The most important municipalities and Provincial Councils of Spain. Thank you for the trust placed in 1MB

Revolutionize the attention to citizens

Serving citizens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: from informing to making payments or filling out forms or requests.

Some use cases to inspire the modernization of a municipality:

  • Madrid City Council: two projects Clara, 12.000 alternatives for citizen participation. AND Gon to combat gambling addiction
  • City of Murcia: ROSI, attention to citizens.
  • Torrent Town Hall (Valencia): Llum: attention to citizens.
  • Valencia City Hall: Guillermina and Jaume. Citizen attention.
  • Calviá Town Hall (Balearic Islands): Urban waste management. Read more.
  • Torrejón de Ardoz Town Hall (Madrid): Procedures and procedures online. Read more.
  • Rivas Vaciamadrid Town Hall (Madrid). Comprehensive Citizen Attention Service (SIAC). Read more.

Provincial Councils

  • Diputación de Barcelona: Forma, Improvement of telephone attention in training issues. Read more.
  • Diputación de Valencia: Gestri. Chatbot to resolve taxpayer doubts. Read more.
  • Provincial Council of Seville. Arbitration and mediation (in development).
  • Fuerteventura Town Hall. Chatbot for scholarship management.  Read more

Use cases of intelligent virtual assistants made for municipalities

chatbot town hall of las rozas
chatbot town hall of las rozas
Torrent Town Hall chatbot
Torrent Town Hall chatbot

Ministries and Autonomous Communities

Inspirational use cases for modernization of the AA.PP.

Region of Madrid

1MillionBot ranked No. 1 in company approval.

In a list of 35 companies 1MillionBot ranked nº1 in the Community of Madrid in the approval process for intelligent virtual assistants open through Factoria Digital. + info

Ministry of Culture

Chatbot DulcineIA: help students to read Don Quixote

DulcineIA is the chabot that helps students to read Don Quixote. Even in China where thanks to the Cervantes Institute it was implanted with automatic translation to read Don Quixote (first part). + info1 + info2

Autonomous Community of Murcia

Informative assistance public employment offer

Carm Region of Murcia

Helena It is the chabot that solves doubts about public employment or opposition to the Murcian Health Service and Teaching Environment.

Open Administration of Catalonia (AOC) (Generalitat + Municipalities)

1MillionBot wins the tender for intelligent service assistant

Development of an intelligent assistant to deal with information consultation processes and procedures related to its services. The Consorci Administraciò Oberta de Catalunya is made up of the Generalitat of Catalonia and all the municipalities of Catalonia. + info


1MillionBot Chatbot for the Budget Information Office

The Ministry of Finance has selected 1MillionBot to carry out the development of an intelligent virtual assistant that will serve the Budget Information Office (OIP). to resolve the most frequent doubts of citizens and users of the OIP + info

State Ports

1MillionBot Maritime Platform: Automation

The project was the third in evaluation of the 19 selected at the state level in a general state call for port innovation. + Info.

Valencian generalitat

Chatbot for the attention of SMEs and freelancers

carinagva informed the self-employed and workers of the labor consequences in the framework of COVID-19.

ICEX-Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Business internationalization

Carmen  Help answer questions about the ICEX Spain Export and Investment Business Internationalization Scholarship Program

30 Spanish public universities have chosen our solutions

International organizations

We have won projects with international organizations

Ibero-American Secretary of Heads of State (SEGIB)

SEGIB supported Carina to face the COVID crisis in Latin America. Carina was in more than 400 institutions

Carina gave us the opportunity to build a great social service
in more than 400 institutions in Spain and Latin America

Carina, the first chatbot
Reporting on COVID

Covid gave us the opportunity to feel useful and great in society

CARINA: the first Chatbot that was trained with the answers of the World Health Organization (WHO):

CARINA was offered free to public and private institutions: more than 400 governments and entities put it on their web pages. Regional governments, municipalities, international organizations throughout Latin America and the United States.

CARINA was the base that helped us to develop «Catalina» after winning the international tender in a country where the situation was critical: Ecuador and came to identify food shortages in the population.

More than 400 institutions and entities: The Government of Cantabria, the Provincial Council of Alicante, Castellón and all the municipalities, Grupo PRISA in Colombia and Mexico, El Latino in California (USA) incorporated CARINA into their web pages. Read more.

Assistant 'expert' in citizen information SabiBot

Tests for the development of an expert Chatbot to inform citizens in a Town hall

Based on ChatGPT, GPT4, Millie Platform and 1MillionBot Dashboard (project in experimental phase)

Chatbot 'Processor'

The Processor helps citizens to complete procedures in the Administration 


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Business Intelligence

ML, DL, Big Data, data analysis


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