Solutions for professionals

All professions with a smart expert based on GPT4 and our scorecard

The most disruptive professional tool on the market based on GPT4

How it works

With our platform and dashboard

1. Customize your “expert” assistant

Name, appearance, etc.

2. We define your expertise to answer professionally.

He will act as an expert in any predetermined professional field.

3. With specific and unique information of high value 

You will be able to enter specific and unique information of high value for your professional activity and exploit it with GPT4

4. Exploit the potential of your "smart" helper:

  • Quickly insert it into your web page
  • Consult it and share it in your whatsapp
  • To integrate the "expert"-helper in apps, platforms or systems.
  • Exploit the data generated through the control panel from 1MillionBot.
  • Feed it and refresh it with own materials and unique.
  • Customize now its functions even more.
  • Control specific responses related to your activity and person.

More than 100 professional solutions:

1. Lawyers and legal experts

All specialties of law: civil, commercial, criminal, international, environmental, banking...

2. Economists and ADE (Business)

All specialties: finance, accounting, tax, foreign trade, human resources...

3. Medicine and health

All medical specialties: dentistry, oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology, urology, cardiology...

5. Engineering and Architecture

All engineering and architecture specialties: computer science, civil, industrial, aeronautical, agricultural, urban planning...

6. Hospitality and tourism

All the specialties of tourist activities and hospitality: lodging establishments, restaurants, leisure…

7. Posts in Public Administrations

All positions defined in the AA.PP Public managers, auditors, personnel directors...

8. Veterinary

 All veterinary specialties: clinics, pets, livestock farms, conservation, parks, laboratories...

9. New digital professionals

New digital professionals: web development, influencers, digital marketing, social media manager...

10. Fashion and related activities

Specialists linked to fashion in all its extension and variety and related industries.

 Tools for professionals

11. Sentiment analytics

In the business environment: communication, e-commerce, lead generation. Tool for evaluating documents, emails, messages...

12 Project management

Project Manager. Expert in project management in all associated aspects, planning, operations, risks, communication, etc...

13. Advanced consulting

Advanced technology consulting, such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of consulting processes

Solutions developed for specific sectors and innovative companies


  • We delve into specific sectors
  • We design technology to optimize the best results in each sector

innovative companies

  • We turn innovation into disruption
  • We focus on unresolved needs

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