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Natural Language Processing-Real (P.L.R) and empathetic. Linguistic Consulting.

We call PLR the one that people use in their daily life and collects in its diversity the geographical, social, generational, etc. variants.

1MillionBot and Language Processing Real

The name of 1 millionBoots it has to do with him PLR. Originally, 1 million users from 21 Spanish-speaking countries and from all regions of Spain trained «Lola» our horoscope chatbot in euroresidentes.com (traffic leader in Spain with 20 million unique users per month from all Spanish-speaking countries). It was, therefore, that the bot itself was creating its linguistic corpus on a very general and open conversation on which to identify real patterns.

The users spoke colloquially with Lola, in an open language about everyday things: work, health, money, love… Lola learned to understand many facets of language that differed from theoretical linguistic patterns: Dunn, J. (2022). "Natural Language Processing for Corpus Linguistics" (Elements in Corpus Linguistics). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.. doi:10.1017/9781009070447

At 1MillionBot we realized that general language intentions could be more easily parameterized if we started from the actual probabilistic deviations of a wide variety of people. This led us to Hit rates, measured by Google DialogFlow, are higher than 95%.

A little history:
our first experimental chatbots

A lola horoscopes Many other cases followed, which helped us to delve into the different facets of "real" language. He chatbot Santa) It helped us to understand the language of children. It was also very valuable Coco, our pet chatbot and Julieta (lifestyle in euroresidentes.com).

With the next generation of chatbots we address different facets of a more specialized and empathetic language: cryptine, the first chatbot that was in Google Home Spain, an expert in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, or Elena (menopausal-loss), focused on women's issues. A milestone in complexity was Robin, on sexuality, developed with the Esperanza Pertusa Foundation.

El global language corpus part that we generated was very important to achieve later milestones...

And with this babage we continue to deepen the PLR ...and in the development of our millie platform.

Our milestones in the PLN-PLR ... - empathic language

Lola and 30 more stories: the language of university students

An expressive, spontaneous, creative, sometimes irreverent student language.  Lola he had to almost learn the language again. He was our first virtual assistant at the University of Murcia, in charge of assisting the students in the pre-registration and registration of the university. The assistant in his first year answered more than 38,708 questions in open conversational language, with a success rate of more than 91%. the success was so significant that the  El PaísHarvard Business Review echoed the success story, Google attended its presentation at the UMU. Subsequently, this success has been transferred to 30 Spanish universities. 

VIEW Chatbots Universities.


The PLN-PLR and Catalan: construction of the official linguistic corpus with the Cantro de Supercomputación de Barcelona

Catalonia introduced us to very important challenges. The first through the Catalan operator Parlem. Laia is a conversational virtual assistant whose function is to offer support to new and current clients of the telecommunications company Parlem. With her and with thousands of users each month we quickly learned Catalan.

Later, it would be with Forma  for the Diputación de Barcelona, with Open Administration of Catalonia (Generalitat of Catalonia + municipalities of Catalonia), with the University of Barcelona...

And the result was that with Parlem we had the honor of participating with the Supercomputing Center of Barcelona and the Generalitat of Catalonia in the construction of AINA (the great official linguistic corpus of Catalan).

Carina and the linguistic diversity of Latin America and the United States.

Carina gave us another great opportunity to delve into the citizens of half the world and their real language. Trained with responses from the World Health Organization, Carina was on the website of the Ibero-American Secretariat of Heads of State (SEGIB), more than 200 municipalities (see Chatbots Municipalities), in the Hispanic community with a presence in 10 countries. In the media: Grupo PRISA in Colombia and Mexico.

Thanks to Carina we won the international tender in Ecuador, with the Catalina Chatbot, another international success story that was projected in 4 additional bids won. 

Empathic chatbots: language as a means of "engagement"

How to seduce users? How to fall nice? What to respond when they insult us or make an insane sexual proposal? How to set up a successful interaction?

For our first commercial chatbots to be successful, it was essential to delve into the empathic language. The customer service, ecommerce, lead generation, human resources botsIn all cases, empathic language is essential. From rephrasing a user's words with, to show that you have understood her message, to generating a positive and constructive "good vibe" in the conversation. See: 1MillionBot: the art of designing the conversation and causing "engagement".

Linguistic challenges continue

The challenges of the PLN-PLR continue in the era of ChatGPT and the. generative language. He empathic language It is a way of communicating that favors understanding, trust and respect between people. We must strengthen it and complement it with other communication skills, such as assertiveness, active listening (important in student retention) or constructive feedback.

Our team of linguists is strongly committed to infinitely improving our capabilities around PLR. Read more.

R+D+i, Chatboteca project…

1MilionBot maintains a strong commitment to the I + D + i
Other projects such as the literary chatbots (Chatboteca) open up new possibilities to delve into language and creativity through artificial intelligence.

See project of chatbot.

We want to thank our team of computational linguists, true artisans in handcrafting AI to achieve brilliant and exceptional results.

raquel pomares

Production Director of 1MillionBot. Biologist, PhD PhD in Bioengineering from the UMH. 
Linguistic Consulting.

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