Specific solutions for companies

Generative Artificial Intelligence and next-generation chatbots.
Integration of ChatGPT, GPT-4 in our systems. Automation and ROI.

25 Solutions for companies

Fast, efficient and with ROI

1. Comprehensive AI+ chatbots solution: leads, customer service, ecommerce…

With our platform and GPT4

Orders, support and CRM management

  • Order status
  • Delivery Information
  • Alerts and incidents
  • Order rescheduling
  • After Sales Service

Administration and sales management

  • Conversion process management
  • Lead Assignment
  • Post-sales assistance


  • Attention to queries
  • transfer support
  • Returns Management
  • Shipment tracking

AI applied to sales management

  • Design and construction of own data lake and with external data
  • Automation and optimization of processes related to sales, and lead generation
  • Pattern and trend identifications
  • Customer segmentation and offer customization
  • Product performance and inventory optimization.
  • Demand forecast
  • Effectiveness of sales strategies
  • Sentiment analysis to identify areas for improvement in customer satisfaction.

And 24 more solutions

(with Millie, GPT4 and Business Intelligence) 

2 . lead capture

«A chatbot capturing leads he is like a tireless salesperson, always ready to turn interactions into sales opportunities.”

3. Customer Support

"A chatbot with empathy understands the needs of users and provides personalized solutions, creating a unique and close experience."

3. E-commerce

Accompany users in the purchase process and adapt an increasingly effective strategy based on the data generated. Personalize sales.

5. Survey chatbot

Get answers through polls. The best business strategy involves getting to know users in depth and delving into their needs.

6. Automation

Provide speed and productivity to your repetitive processes. RPA + Chatbots application. Give scalability to your business and minimize failures.

7 Project management

Manage projects with the help of operational organization and communication tools that ensure coordination and success

8. Internal communication

Improve productivity, motivation and employee satisfaction. Personalized, fast and efficient attention. Access to what they need to do their job.

9. Live chat (Livechat)

All interactions come from the same place. Now you can exploit the strengths of people + AI together.

10. Web converter in bot

We turn all the information on the web into a chatbot. Promoting the exploitation of information and the generation of data.

11. Automation of processes

Improve productivity, speed and transparency of the processes of a company or entities that manage products and services

12. Sentiment analytics

Sentiment analysis in the business environment: communication, e-commerce, lead generation. Specific tool for evaluating documents, emails, messages...

Solutions developed for specific sectors and innovative companies


  • We delve into specific sectors
  • We design technology to optimize the best results in each sector

innovative companies

  • We turn innovation into disruption
  • We focus on unresolved needs


Logistics monitoring, stock control, deliveries... All the updated, accessible and centralized information in a chatbot.

13. Banking and Finance

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots applied to financial services: automation, prediction, segmentation...

14 Gastronomy

24-hour service and management of reservations, through any channel (web, WhatsApp, calls...) with a chatbot connected to your restaurant's CRM.

15 Insurance

Generate leads, classify them and guide them in real time. Ask the chatbot your questions about products and services

16. Telecommunications

Free up work for your call center by offering automatic support to your customers. Both in the commercial area and in the technical area

17. Media

Support and increase subscriptions. Offers news and personalized content. Manage all your interests and preferences from the chatbot.

18. Real estate

Capture leads. Send information (location, prices, photos...) to your clients, classify their preferences.

19. Legal

Improves the efficiency of the provision of legal services, automates knowledge and increases productivity

20. Entertainment

Chatbots for endless activities: from a theme park to literary recreation

 21. Tourism

Tourist intelligence: prediction and demand patreons, chatbots for attention to tourist activity.

 22. Agrotech

Precision agriculture and AI, optimization of resources (water), sustainability and productivity

23. metaverse

VR, RE, digital twins and the integration of smart bots and gamification

21. Training

AI and personalized training, tutoring, student success, personalized content...

24. Health centers

Management of health centers, personalized health, assistants for chronic diseases, wearables...

Solutions for AA.PP. and Universities

Efficiency, transparency and quality of service


Constant support to citizens during selection processes, uninterrupted hotline for doubts, advice, paperwork management, automatic appointments...


In the era of streaming studies, online procedures and material available on different platforms... How do you connect with the students?


Definition of sanitary measures for your employees or general information aimed at the public. Carina, the most complete bot on COVID-19, will be the base


Manage the embarkation and disembarkation of ships, deliveries and transfers, by voice commands. Directly annotating the transactions in the database