I + D + i en Artificial Intelligence

Teams, Talents, and Technologies

The R+D+i group of 1MillionBot works to develop the most innovative solutions based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), generative AI, Federated Learning…

Agreements and collaborations

1MillionBot collaborates and maintains joint programs with various Investigation groups universities and actively participates in joint projects with companies and organizations. Among the entities with which it has agreements:

Lucentia LAB
 Technology-based company and UA research group, specialized in Data analytics, ML, DL and development of international projects (Google, Siemmens...) (+)

ECO-IA Research Group of the University of Alicante
With more than 40 investigations (doctoral theses, TFGs programs in the multidisciplinary field of AI) (+)

University of Murcia
Leader in university developments and platforms (Ática, Ticarum, Hércules…) Joint project for the development of the AI ​​Plan for Universities (+)

Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Collaboration for the construction of the linguistic corpus in Catalan, together with Parlem (+)

 Collaboration for the development of research in Quantum Language Processing through Lucentia Lab and Mario Piatini (+)

Company specializing in semantic web, ontologies and graphs

 Health management automation IA-PLN + RPA. (+)

Meta Software Factory
 Developing AI and intelligent assistants in VR and metaverse spaces (+)

Artificial Intelligence Observatory
Identification of trends and advances in AI (+)

1.070 km Hub
Promotion of exchange and collaboration with the technology ecosystems of the Southern Mediterranean Arc

Likewise, they are partners and collaborators:

R+D+i lines in Artificial Intelligence

Rasa Engine


1MillionBot's AI engine is based on state-of-the-art Machine & Deep Learning algorithms on which Natural Language Processing is developed on a corpus that we call “Real” Language Processing that guarantees the conversational success of our Intelligent Virtual Assistants. See Rasa on premise 1MillionBot.


Millie – ChatGPT

RASA platform adapted to its own control panel with multiple functionalities and services with maximum autonomy and versatility. Ability to balance in the ChatGPT dashboard to combine with own chabot, chat, ChatGPT and other developments. See Millie Platform – Dr Control Panel 1MB.



Program based on generative AI and the development of the Accio Platform. Possibility of limiting your own sources and restrictions to use the full potential of generative AI without bias. Specific platforms for researchers, journalism, health… (Developing).

Financial University

Lead capture, university management automation, intelligent assistants, student retention, student success, data exploitation for predictive and personalization purposes... In collaboration with various groups and partners.
Generative intelligence applied to research. See Artificial Intelligence and Universities.

Processing of Quantum Language

In first babbles of Quantum Language Processing we aspire through the agreement with AQuantum to lead this type of test in Spain so that Spanish and other co-official languages ​​lead a relevant technological leap.

Construction of Language Empathic

Empathic language design through sentiment analysis and on the basis of our real language corpora of citizens. Construction of languages ​​with specific styles: administrative, legal, corporate, institutional, marketing, etc. MORE INFORMATION.

Projects I + D + i  officially endorsed
applied to sectors


platform ports

Voice Automation in the Port Logistics Field
Connected Intelligent Virtual Assistants platform that allows, through the processing of natural language by voice, to automate tasks and interconnect different tools in the logistics-port environment.

Project carried out in consortium with: Alicante Port Authority, Southeast Maritime Terminals (TMS) and Paceco Momentum.

Project funded by State ports.



Combination of AI with geographic information to analyze, predict and make informed decisions on territorial aspects.

It uses technologies such as data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing to integrate and analyze data from varied sources such as public records, weather data, and social media to gain a deeper understanding of geographic patterns and trends. which is crucial for urban planning, resource management and the provision of efficient and personalized public services.

Project funded by  the European Union through the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI).


Mentor Platform

Mentor promotes the training and empowerment of the elderly.

Social connection platform that allows through mentoring programs and social games to promote the training and empowerment of the elderly, aimed at promoting personal relationships, preventing unwanted loneliness and promoting healthy habits in their lives.

In consortium with AIJU, Caritas y Brainstorm

  • File: INNEST/2021/267
  • € 209.163

Project funded by  Valencian Agency for Innovation (AVI)



Experimental development a Conversational Digital Humans Metaverse as Immersive and Interactive Learning Library.

Creation of a Metaverse of Conversational Digital Humans that serves as an Immersive and Interactive Learning Library implementing Generative AI. This virtual environment allows users to explore educational resources in an immersive way and offers interaction with artificial intelligence avatars, such as Plácido and DulcineIA, which provide real-time assistance.

Project FAV-010100-2022-41 financed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.



Universities Platform

Advanced Technologies for the Development of the First Platform of Collaborative Multifunctional Virtual Assistants

Collaborative platform of Intelligent Virtual Assistants in the university environment that will work in a safe and inclusive context, focused on personalized assistance to students through increasingly empathetic conversations, to obtain information and perform specific tasks in the university system (registration , request for documents, assistance in IT incidents, etc.).

Project funded by the CDTI

innovative SME

1MillionBot has obtained the "innovative SME seal" awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. This badge is a recognition that the Ministry grants to companies that meet certain requirements. + info

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