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Lola is an example of the University’s commitment to new technologies.

José Lujan

Rector of the Univerisity of Murcia

Lola, the robot that answers the queries of the students of the UMU and the Polytechnic of Cartagena, is able to answer 90% of the questions.

La Opinión de Murcia

Chatbots provide better and more permanent technological attention to customers and, therefore, free up time for humans to apply their capabilities in non-automated processes.

Javier Lozano

Director of Vélez y Lozano

Pepe Sumiller keeps up with everything, does not lose the knowledge acquired and is agile in his answers.

Carlos Bosh

Manager, El Portal Gastrobar

After training more than 450 conversations and 6,000 messages, Beka offers answers quickly and efficiently.


The data cannot be more impressive. Since it was launched in June, it has served 4.622 users and has received 38.795 messages and 13.227 conversations. In addition, he has carried out 9.707 minutes of talk time.

Pedro Miguel Ruiz

Rector's Delegate for Universidad Digital de la UMU


4 types of chatbots

Digital Marketing

Listen to your customers and create a different strategy according to their needs.

Internal communication

Efficient organization of your company, homogenized speech.

Customer Support

Substitute or complementary to the call center, 24/7 availability.

Leads y Big Data

Strategies based on data, customer profile and CRM connection.


We look for the smartest solution for your project

We design, develop and train your chatbot, whatever your idea is.


Facebook Messenger, web applications, Telegram, Google Assistant… Choose where you want to connect with your customers. We adapt to the language and rules of each platform to offer the best solution.

User testing

We base the learning of bots on real user experiences and build a conversational body adapted to natural language capable of understanding 90% of the questions that the user ask. Also, the chatbot is learning as interactions increase.

Access your chatbot’s data

Access all the data of your chatbots. Customize your preferences and obtain graphs and studies of all your clients.

What people are saying

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