Customer service: making you feel valued and appreciated

End long waits, personalized assistance in record time

“A customer service chatbot is one way to create amazing and memorable customer experiences. It makes things simpler, faster and more intuitive” (ChatGPT)

Speed, efficiency and effectiveness

Why a chatbot to serve customers

  1. Satisfaction and loyalty. A chatbot immediately responds to the most frequent doubts and questions from customers, which improves their satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Efficiency and lower operating costs. It allows replacing or complementing a human team connected 24 hours a day, which reduces operating costs and increases efficiency.
  3. Customize the service. You can customize and adapt to the needs and preferences of each business and audience, offering a unique and differential experience.
  4. Data and service optimization. Gather valuable customer data and information, enabling you to optimize customer service and make better business decisions.
  5. Company image. Demonstrates interest in customer service and innovation, which generates a positive and competitive image of the company.
  6. Presence on all channels. A chatbot is part of an omnichannel strategy, which allows you to offer coherent and consistent customer service through different channels and devices.
  7. Versatility and flexibility. It offers different options that can be adjusted to what the business is looking for, such as hybrid chatbots that combine artificial intelligence with human intervention, or chatbots with voice or text.
  8. Speed, simplicity and interactivity. It is the preferred form of communication for some customers, especially the youngest and most digital ones, who value speed, simplicity and interactivity.

How much time does your call center waste solving the same type of questions? Automate +90% of them.

The customer will get what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

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4 results of a success story

1. Capable of managing infinite simultaneous conversations and correctly answering 9 out of 10 questions. 

2. Saving costs

3. More customers,

4. ROI 

Success stories in Customer Service Chatbots

Laia, is the intelligent virtual assistant of the Catalan operator Parlem and helps its customers with the most frequent questions about the company's service: Roaming prices, Cost of calls abroad, Change the owner of the line, Add data to the line, How to act if the mobile is stolen, Operation of the extra bonuses, access to the company's private area, etc.

Web thickness, Gioseppo's chatbot, helps the customers of this shoe brand to solve frequently asked questions such as: Shipping and delivery times; Form of payment, changes or returns; Shipping costs; Availability of models; Information about the product; sales; And much more!

Eli is a FITUR 2022 Award and is also the Gastroportal chatbot that attends to its clients in the most frequently asked questions about the establishment (about 200 questions). As Do you want to organize a lunch or dinner with friends? Would you like to know what our star dish is, the rarest ingredient or simply consult the wine list? Do you like the decoration and the music of El Portal?  It also makes table reservations through an integration with its online reservation system.

elzabot, attends to the visitors of the Elzaburu law firm website, specialized in intellectual property. Questions such as: Do author deadlines have a validity period? How much does it cost to register a brand? How can I register a domain name? Should I update the privacy notice of my website? Can I request that offensive comments about my company be deleted on Facebook?

The Aedas chatbot  serves the clients of AEDAS Homes, a real estate developer that offers new-build flats, houses, chalets, ground floors with gardens, penthouses and duplexes. This bot works reporting 24 hours a day, Saturdays and Sundays, hours and days in which many interested parties want to receive information and answer questions.

The Megafincas chatbot, serves the users of the communities of owners. It helps them make an appointment with the administrator. Provide data about your community: account number, balance, budget,... Report a claim Report an incident, etc.

CHANGE THE GAME: Young people don't navigate, they ask. On a mobile screen it is difficult and uncomfortable to navigate

Ask instead of browsing. Customers will go from searching to directly asking. And they will enjoy a fluent and authentic conversation.  In the mobile era, browsing is difficult, asking questions is easy

Empathic and engaged language. Our LAB develops conversations empathetic and brilliant, based on the interactions of millions of customers/citizens/students.

Personalization.. The personality of the chatbot varies according to the audience to which it is directed. He learns your likes for personalized recommendations and he'll remember you the next time you talk to him!

Exploit your AI potential It is regularly reviewed by a group of linguists to check that it is progressing properly.

Data that generates You will know the users, what they demand, what needs you are not covering... You will focus your strategy like never before.

Eli, reserve a table and she is the perfect head of the room 

Works 24 hours 365 days a year

Book a table, explain the menu, know everything about the chef 

He attends you kindly and is never in a bad mood

AI and Chatbots: proven effectiveness


Even when no one is there, keep capturing leads. Anytime, every day of the year.

User Experience

Doubts resolved in seconds, with someone who listens and understands you. Make any user's dream come true.


More productivity

How much time do you waste answering the same routine questions? Let the chatbot answer for you.

Data collection

Know the concerns and concerns of your users, provide them with the information they need.

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