In a world where technology and education are increasingly intertwined, there arises E-Tutor, an innovative educational platform developed by 1MillionBot next to the teacher Pedro Pernias, which represents an important turning point in the field of university education.

This artificial intelligence tool is designed to enhance and personalize the student learning experience. Its intuitive interface, based on the use of interactive buttons, facilitates the interaction of students with their notes and study materials, transforming the way in which educational information is accessed and processed.

What sets E-Tutor apart is its ability to adapt to the individual needs of each student. Each button on the platform corresponds to a specific action, developed and tested by university professors and engineers to ensure its effectiveness. These prompts They guide AI to generate answers and resources that are highly beneficial for learning.

Andrés Pedreño, president of 1MillionBot, presenting E-Tutor at the University of Murcia

E-Tutor not only facilitates centralized management of documents and educational materials, but also offers access to an extensive resource library. The platform is structured into several sections, each one aimed at a different aspect of the learning process, including understanding, practicing and deepening the content, as well as other advanced study tools.

In addition, the artificial intelligence in E-Tutor is designed to evolve with user interactions, learning from queries and responses to offer increasingly personalized and effective help.