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Know and identify the needs of the target audience (customers, employees...)

The best surveys with generative AI and chatbots

  • Survey chatbot: Motivates and answers questions.
  • ChatGPT: suggests questions on any topic and gives you advice as an expert on a topic
  • Customers, employees or target audience. generates valuable data and perceives in advance, needs, desires, preferences...

Customer / user satisfaction

Get real-time feedback to improve your products, services, and business in general.

Employee Engagement 

Learn how to retain top talent and create a healthy work culture.

Market research

Track industry and market trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Campaigns and events

Dig deeper into campaigns and events. Identify trends and preferences in key events

Your chatbot will be integrated into all the channels used by your customers, employees or target audience that are considered important to connect with the target audience: WhatsApp, Facebook, Websites, platforms, apps...

2. Customize the survey. If there is data that can be obtained from the user without asking him directly, such as his name, location, etc.

4. Export the collected data for analysis.
5. Chatbot metrics. You can measure the performance of your chatbot in terms of open rate, response rate and user satisfaction

Solutions in 4 areas

25 specific solutions for companies

e-commerce and retail
Sales, sales and sales...

Internal communication
Efficiency, productivity.

Customer Service
Available 24/7.

Leads and Big Data
Data + AI, conversions

Live chat
Chat + Chatbot


Organization and operations: Automates and simplifies the processes and protocols of action.

Legal and labor: Responds to questions about internal regulations, rules, HR procedures...

Telecommuting: Activate support for tools and FAQs.

Training and talent: - Inform about courses and webinars. Facilitates the onboarding process...

crisis manager: Fast and truthful communication in crises and emergencies.

COVID-19 Health: Respond to questions about measures to avoid and minimize risks...

More than 120 success stories where we have put AI and heart...

We have won the most important public tenders competing with leading technology companies

– We have won benchmark public tenders in Spain such as the Open Administration of Catalonia (Generalitat + all Catalan municipalities), University of Granada…

– We have generated the top digital automation solution in the State Ports contest for the unloading of containers.

Lola, the reference chatbot in the PLN industry, picked up as success story in Harvard Business Review, The country…

Lola is the virtual assistant of the University of Murcia, she is in charge of assisting the students in the pre-registration and registration of the university. The assistant in her first year answered more than 38,708 questions in open conversational language, with a success rate of over 91% ». Lola was the first assistant that 1Millionbot developed for a university and the project was echoed El País y   Harvard Business Review

This success is the initial basis of our presence in 30 universities. See Chatbots Universities.

1MillionBot: Ranked No. 1 in the Region of Madrid competing with 35 companies in the sector

At 1MillionBot we achieved the highest score in the ranking of specific technologies related to virtual assistants prepared by the Community of Madrid in which 35 companies participated, including some of the most prestigious technology consultancies.

1MillionBot has consolidated this leadership with its presence in numerous Public Administrations: City Councils of Madrid, Valencia... Provincial Councils of Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville... Autonomous Communities of Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia... See Chatbots Public Administrations.

1MillionBot National Award FITUR with "The Chatbots Tourism Awards 2022" and most innovative company for Sergestur.

Eli, the virtual assistant developed by 1MillionBot for Grupo GastroPortal (El Portal and Singular in Alicante and Bar Manero in Madrid and Alicante) received the award for Best Tourist Chatbot 2022 at "The Chatbots Tourism Awards 2022", a recognition promoted by FITUR, ICEX and SEGITTUR. See restaurant reservation management chatbots.

Previously, Sergestur classified it as the leader of the 40 most innovative companies. See more.

Companies and institutions receive Awards for our products and developments

Something that greatly satisfies us is that companies and institutions receive awards and recognition for our chatbots and developments:
- Medical Journal and Pharmaceutical Mail, by Chatbot Gau, patient empowerment. Granted by the Unidad Editorial Group to the chatbot GAU – Anepf – Diario Médico y Correo Farmacéutico.
- Jaen University, by Ada Chatbotl National Award of the Club of Excellence in Management granted in Madrid.
- gastroportal, winner of the “The Chatbot Tourism Awards 2022” contest for Chabot Eli.
- Blinker, Digitalísimo Award 2019, for Business Intelligence, introduction of AI, chatbot…

First in the world to integrate Chat GPT 

Bill, our corporate chatbot that gives information about 1MillionBot and Rafa, part of our chatbot. a virtual assistant expert in Fondillón wine, were the first to combine the technologies of 1MillionBot + ChatGPT in a balanced way.

This integration allows, on the one hand, to fix specific answers to certain questions, giving precision, rigor and unique answers. On the other, take advantage of all the capabilities of ChatGPT.

Carina: the world's first Chatbot against COVID, served citizens in 400 public and private institutions around the world

Trained with answers from the World Health Organization, Carina was on the website of the Ibero-American Secretariat of Heads of State (SEGIB), more than 400 institutions – 200 municipalities (see Chatbots Municipalities), in the Hispanic community with a presence in 10 countries. In the media: Grupo PRISA in Colombia and Mexico.

Its technology and corpus served as the basis for winning the United Nations tender in Ecuador, with the Chatbot Catalina, another international success story that was projected in 4 additional tenders won. 

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