We combined 1MillionBot and ChatGPT to create something extraordinary

Our Millie Platform, the RASA engine and our GPT4 exploit tool in Spanish

How we use ChatGPT and GPT4

We use ChatGPT enhancing its capabilities and restricting its biases.
We leverage this technology to improve efficiency and deliver exceptional results.

Millie Platform: 1MillionBot with ChatGPT

Millie–1MillionBot Platform: Our bot is directed and/or conversational for the topics defined by the client.

ChatGPT: responds in the “default” function; that is to say, when the user poses questions for which a specific answer has not been provided.
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Accio Platform + GPT4

Personalized ChatGPT with delimited sources of information and without risks.
Three specialized platforms:

  • Research Platforms
  • Journalist Platform
  • Health Platform

We help you “squeeze” GPT4

 We leverage this technology to improve efficiency and deliver exceptional results.

ChatGPT for educational purposes

Experimental plans for the teaching exploitation of this type of tools. Advice and evaluation of educational innovation alternatives.

Digital marketing

ChatGPT as a digital marketing tool to write high-performance texts and facilitate the work of digital marketing specialists.

personalized e-commerce

ChatGPT to suggest personalized products based on browsing and purchase history, driving sales on eCommerce platforms.

Qualify Leads

ChatGPT can be used to pre-qualify leads by interacting with leads via chat and determining their level of interest in a product or service..

Chatbots ChatGPT Style

Chatbots that can handle simple customer inquiries and transactions, such as providing product information.

automated responses

Integrate ChatGPT into your company channels to automate responses to frequently asked questions, easing the burden on people.

Unstructured data management

Classification, management and organization of unstructured data in specific categories. Analyze patterns in text and assign a corresponding label or category.

ChatGPT Mail 

ChatGPT Mail is an application that generates emails or responses based on user input, speeding up the response to a large volume of messages.

proprietary technologies

ChatGPT integration

Control your responses and incorporate GPT3 chat

millie platform

Very powerful dashboard

Corpus »real» language

Best corpus in Spanish with a success rate of 98%

RASA on premises

Easy integration with Dialogflow, Watson…

…and also


Apps and CRM's: WhatsApp, Salesforce...

Web to chatbot in 3 ´

Web conversion to chatbot with a single click

Business Intelligence

ML, DL, Big Data, data analysis


We like challenges, tell us what you need


e-commerce and retail
Sales, sales and sales...

Internal communication
Efficiency, productivity.

Customer service
Available 24/7.

Leads and Big Data
Data + AI, conversions

Live chat
Chat + Chatbot

Partners and Collaborators