Bartolo, Project pioneer de virtual tutor, developed by 1millionbot along with the Law Chair Private International full University de Alising.

Bartolo took his name from one of the most important legal personalities in history. Bartolo de Sassoferrato was the most influential jurist of the Late Middle Ages and is known for including reason in medieval law.

Multiple objectives chase this pioneering intelligent virtual assistant, how to generate a greater engagement with the degree, through an improvement in the student's experience based on 365-day, 24-hour care. Helpful, respectful, empathetic and even funny, Bartolo intends to become great ally of each student and student and the faculty of the Faculty of Law of the University of Alicante.

bartolo can improve student retention and dropout rates. In the first year, this smart virtual assistant aims to resolve 97% of student queriess, with a hit rate above of 91%. This development of 1millionbot adds the leadership that the company holds worldwide in the field of university education with more than 20 success stories, riding a Castilian and Catalan, reaching an effectiveness rate between 91% and 98% (Google KPIs). 1millionbot is an expert in Le ProcessingNatural language, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Any student of Private International Law can ask Bartolo any question, which will be stored and later classified by topic. Said questions in later stages of development will be completed with the necessary information, thus becoming the first virtual tutor in this legal discipline.

pioneering project

Bartolo's presentation took place this Wednesday at the Law Faculty of the University of Alicante, the result of the collaboration between teachers Aurelio López-Tarruel, Manuel Desantes and David Tomás, responsible for the subject of Private International Law at this university and for Andres Pedreño, Founder of 1millionbot.

The Faculty of Law of the University of Alicante, with this pioneering virtual tutor project through an intelligent virtual assistant, take vantage point so that their tostudents and students They can optimize their learning, experience and knowledge as well as improve the detection of future needs thanks to the data analytics that the virtual assistant generates, among many other benefits.

Professor López-Tarruella together with Andrés Pedreño, during the presentation of the intelligent virtual assistant at the Faculty of Law of the University of Alicante.

The teachers leading the project explained during the presentation that they have detected a uneven educational level in first-year subjects such as Civil Law, Commercial Law, Philosophy of Law, among others, consequently impacting the results of related subjects in higher courses. Bartolo, as an intelligent virtual assistant, es able to identify these training deficits and help combat them thanks to the support material generated that allows them to deepen their learning and knowledge, assimilating it correctly.

Lopez-Tarruella He is convinced of the potential of the application of Artificial Intelligence in the educational sector «this chatbot will facilitate interaction with students, it is a way of make automated tutorials«.

The intelligent virtual assistant Bartolo and its interaction with the student, generates very valuable data, about the master classes of the teaching staff, the different complementary materials for the student such as bibliography, manuals, articles of interest, notes, etc. that will facilitate the analysis and understanding of data as the interaction with the assistant increases, improving its understanding to successfully meet the objectives of this intelligent virtual assistant: increase the success rate and student retention.

Countless benefits for teachers too, since Bartolo is going to be a key help support, with very rich and useful information that makes it possible to design and adopt corrective measures in the teaching guides, so that the benefit is total.

Andres Pedreño He moved that «there are always students who lack a foundation in a specific subject, be it Mathematics, Language, etc. who have more difficulties to progress and drop out. The chatbot allows minimizing school failure and that they are recoverable because it solves or guides them to solve what is difficult for them and that not knowing constitutes a barrier. He analysis of the accumulated data of the intelligent virtual assistant It makes it possible to identify these barriers, hence the importance of the virtual tutor handling the greatest number of queries possible, since it constitutes the basis for designing a much more personalized education”.

“Today's technology provides us with relevant and effective means to empower talent and provide educational resources so that student failure is reduced to zero. The great AI revolution in our time is aimed at ending academic failure, in its different forms. “Students are digital. AND the development of a university strategy that corresponds to the current reality begins with effective communication capable of understanding what students say and think. The Artificial Intelligence can contribute to fostering meaningful student participation and efficiently solving management and teaching quality issues«. «European funds could allow the automation of processes to be extended to the entire university management. That could imply reaching a level of unique administrative academic management»

Project development

On September 13, the assistant was opened to the student body, which had already collected 170 questions, 157 users and 1.129 messages through 187 conversations. This first year, it is intended to reach more than 5000 consultations, with doubts about the subject, generating a knowledge base in the intelligent virtual assistant (estimated a resolution rate of 97%).

El teacher desantes He expressed his conviction that in a year the chatbot will be able to solve 97% of the informative questions. «From a teaching point of view it's fantastic. because it will help to solve the problems of many people and with that alone it would be fine, but the next step that we consider in this pilot project is that the virtual tutor can not only solve a specific question but also be able to guide the student to find the answers».

Bartolo, the jurist

The first tutor of the Faculty of Law is directed, as we have already seen, to the subject of Private International Law. Therefore, the assistant had to be special. Bartolo took his name from one of the most important legal personalities in history. Bártolo de Sassoferrato was the most influential jurist of the Late Middle Ages and is known for including reason in medieval law.

The Faculty of Law wanted to pay homage to this illustrious character by putting his name, slightly imitating his gestures in the avatar and using one of the lithographs that are preserved as a watermark for the avatar's robe. Respect for the past to create progress for the future.

1MillionBot, world leader in university chatbots

1MillionBot has developed projects and research related to data automation and AI-based intelligent virtual assistants in more than 20 Spanish universities, including practically all Madrid universities. In all cases through the KPIs of Google the effectiveness rate of the answers has been higher than 91%, with the Universidad Zaragoza reaching a record rate of 98% with students who have recently arrived at the University.

The virtual assistants developed by the company from Alicante for Spanish universities (UMU, UPV, UAH, UIB, UJA, UCM, UPM, UC3, UAM, ...), have carried out very outstanding initiatives  that have been referenced as success stories in specialized publications such as the Harvard Business Review. At the last Wharton World Conference on “reimagine education” and Artificial Intelligence”, some of these Spanish initiatives were cited as global benchmarks.


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