1MillionBot Group offers a wide range of IA solutions and specific and personalized services for Public Administrations, helping to modernize their operations, improve citizen service and optimize decision-making. We have achieved the best results in open tenders and tenders in technical assessment, competing with the main national and international companies. We have addressed complex cases related to mobility or COVID-19, highlighting the effectiveness of our solutions.

1MillionBot offers a variety of products and services specifically designed for Public Administrations.

Scope of Activity and use cases

1MillionBot is a leader in use cases of AI and chatbots with Public Administrations:

  • Town Councils. We have developed flagship projects and solutions for the main municipalities of Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Malaga...) addressing citizen care, the automation of administrative procedures and other challenges, such as waste management or COVID-19.
  • Provincial Councils. We have worked with the Provincial Councils of Barcelona and Valencia on projects that mark leadership in digital innovation in AA. pp. managing aspects such as telephone service and the resolution of taxpayer doubts.
  • Autonomous Communities. Both in the Community of Madrid and in Catalonia, we have led the classification of supplier approval and tenders with open competition from the main companies in the sector.
  • Ministries. We have developed projects in Ministries such as the Treasury, Culture or Foreign Affairs (ICEX) highlighting the ability of AI to add value in key issues for the Public Administration.
  • International organizations. the chatbot Carina it was in more than 400 public institutions attending with responses created from information from the World Health Organization (WHO); recommended by SEGIB and through international institutions in countries like Ecuador.
  • Universities. 30 Spanish public universities have selected solutions 1MillionBot in attention to students, CAU services, virtual tutorials...

specific services for the AAs. pp.

1. AI-based citizen service systems

Chatbots and virtual assistants 1MillionBot They allow you to handle common queries and provide quick responses. They are integrated into websites, apps mobile phones and social media platforms, and provide multilingual support.

2. Automation of administrative and service processes (RPA)

Through RPA, 1MillionBot automates repetitive tasks and bureaucratic processes, such as application processing and permit management, among others. 1Millionbot has developed specific products, such as processor, which helps citizens to complete Administration procedures.

3. AI-powered data analysis and prediction (AI Office)

Analysis of large volumes of data, such as historical records and demographic data, among others, to help in decision making. About, 1MillionBot Group offers the services of 100% creation and management of the Artificial Intelligence Office. This instrument allows the AA. pp. lead innovation and the potential of AI to provide services to citizens.

4.mobility intelligence

Mobility flows: tourist intelligence e urban intelligence. Design of patterns and tourism policies. Optimization of public transport and urban mobility through AI. Data analysis to adjust routes, schedules and frequencies.

Technology Tools and Capabilities

Through millie platform, the AAs. PP., universities and public entities have the possibility of optimizing and adjusting the responses to the current legislation in each country or territorial area.

  • Management Data: Dashboard Millie: a platform to manage the assistant with all its data.
  • Integrations: attendee integrations with popular apps and CRMs like WhatsApp and Salesforce.
  • Chatbot based on web or selected information: answers supported by web information or previously.
  • AI tools: offer ML, DL, big data and data analysis.
  • Integration with ChatGPT: Allows embedding specific responses alongside GPT responses.
  • CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS: customization according to specific needs.
  • Management of the Privacy and the policies of security.

1MillionBot offers a line of iinformation and advice for those Public Administrations interested in AI, in addition to advanced consulting services and maintenance programs.