The use of technology, architecture and flexible integration and proprietary algorithms allow us to talk about differential performance, security and customization. Three main technological components have marked our development:

    • Own linguistic corpus/LLM model, modular and flexible integrations architecture. Own LLM model made with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center from our linguistic corpus. Likewise, we prioritize a flexible architecture capable of feeding with specific databases, taking advantage of the capabilities of the different LLM models on the market (owners and open source) and exploit the date through a structure RASA.
    • millie platform. The Millie chatbot development platform presents the development of a complete and customizable solution for the management of chatbots with a strong focus on personalization, analysis, multi-channel and the combination of proprietary technologies and next-generation generative AI, such as GPT. In competitive bids with the largest concurrence of national and international companies, Millie achieves the highest technical score in the market.
    • SaaS Products only. To democratize AI for SMEs and professionals, we offer three SaaS products that complement and allow you to quickly start your commitment to AI at a low cost.

Among the technologies that we have proposed there are multiple developments that have been used in some of the models and tools:

1. Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. Essential to understand, interpret and generate human language, allowing a more natural interaction with users.

2. Machine learning systems developed for specific purposes in the modeling of date (capture of leads), tourist intelligenceForensic analysis...

3. Integrations and API. Technologies that enable seamless integration with other business systems, such as CRM, ERP, and databases, to provide extended functionality. See Integration of chatbots and AI with existing systems and platforms.

4. Security and privacy modules. Solutions to ensure data security and comply with privacy regulations, such as GDPR. See ethical and responsible use of AI, including compliance with regulations Privacy y fullfilment of security requirements.

5. Analysis and monitoring. Tools to monitor chatbot performance, analyze user interactions, and provide detailed reports and metrics.

6. Multilingual support. Technologies to support multiple languages ​​and dialects, allowing greater accessibility.

7. Specialized virtual assistants. Development of specialized chatbots for different industries or functions, such as customer service, sales, citizen service, student service, etc.

8. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Design unique user interfaces and interactive experiences that facilitate reciprocity with the chatbot.

9. Voice technologies. Development of speech recognition and synthesis technologies to offer voice recognition functionality. voice in chatbots

10. Recommendation systems. Algorithms that can offer personalized recommendations to users based on their previous interaction and behavior.


Investing in these technologies and other related innovations would allow a company like 1MillionBot offer more personalized, effective and safe solutions. The combination of these technologies can also offer a competitive advantage and differentiate the company in the marketplace.

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A commitment to continuous research and development (see R+D+i in 1MillionBot) keeps us at cutting edge of emerging trends and technologies. Our commitment to research and development to offer the most technologically advanced solutions in line with emerging trends. From the end of 2022, 1MillionBot leads generative AI with specific projects that aim to control, optimize and democratize AI, and empower peoples.