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ChatGPT and GPT4 controlled and optimized. Own LLM models

Why our Linguistic Consulting

Advice and support for advanced solutions in the field of generative AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to improve and personalize the communication of companies with their customers and users.

– We help companies connect with their users through intelligent conversational assistants, empathetic chatbots and personalized PLN solutions.

– We advise on implemented systems that do not work or do not achieve the desired performance

Language Services 1MillionBot

1. Diagnostics on the efficiency of linguistic systems

  • We analyze and advise on the efficiency of systems and how to optimize results in PLN, ChatGPT, GPT4, chatbots, communication systems...
  • We advise on the design of efficient systems adjusted to the needs of companies and institutions.

a) Evaluation of Conversational Design

We carry out a detailed analysis of your current conversational design, identifying opportunities for improvement and areas of strength.

b) Creation and optimization of conversational flows

We create and optimize conversation flows for virtual assistants, chatbots and voice systems, based on more efficient practices and adapting to the specific needs of the business.

c) Implementation of the "Parameter Chain Pattern"

We help you manage complexity in conversational design, avoiding the "explosion" of complexity and ensuring more efficient conversation flows.

d) Diagnosis and solution of problems in conversational flows

We use advanced techniques to identify and solve problems in conversation flows, improving interaction with users and raising the quality of the experience.

e) Conversational design focused on the psychology of the user

Our team combines insights in psychology, business analytics, UX, marketing, and technology to design experiences that truly resonate with users and achieve business objectives.

f) Conversational Design for Marketing

Take advantage of the power of conversational design to improve the engagement of your marketing campaigns, generate leads and improve conversion rates.

g) Assistance in the scalability of the conversational design

We help companies scale their conversational solutions, ensuring consistency, efficiency and a positive user experience, even when serving large audiences.

h) Conversational Design Workshops

Trainings and workshops for teams interested in learning best practices and modern approaches to conversational design.

2. Design and development of chatbots and conversational assistants

  • Advice on creating chatbots for customer service, sales, technical support and more.
  • Development of advanced conversational assistants for applications and webs.
  • Integration of assistants and chatbots with CRM, ERP and other business systems.
  • voice and text.
  • Conversational chatbots combined with Live Chat and ChatGPT, GPT4. See Millie.

3. Conversation optimization using PLN

4. Empathic and contextual training of AI models

  • Training generative models with a more empathic and human language.
  • Adaptation of models to specific industry or business contexts.
  • Critical and specialized areas: health care, universities, tourism, social care areas, the elderly, gender violence, unwanted pregnancies...

5. Integration of advanced prompts

  • Design of prompts to guide generative models in the creation of content.
  • Integration of advanced techniques to customize text generation.
  • prompting engineering

6. Sentimental and emotional analysis

  • Evaluation of emotions and feelings in interactions with users.
  • Implementation of strategies to respond appropriately according to the emotional state detected.
  • VIEW sentiment analysis.

7. Consulting and training in PLN

  • Courses and workshops on the latest trends in PLN and generative AI.
  • Strategic consultancy in AI projects and digital transformation in the linguistic field.

Differential advantages of 1MillionBot


Linguistic professionals with years of experience in AI, PLN and conversational development.


Solutions adapted to the needs and challenges of each company.

Advanced technology

Use of the latest technologies and algorithms in AI and PLN. own platform

empathic commitment

Focus on empathy and deep understanding of the needs of the end user.

1MillionBot Linguistic Corpus

Natural Language Processing-Real (P.L.R) and empathetic.

We call PLR the one that people use in their daily life and collects in its diversity the geographical, social, generational, etc. variants.

IA and Advanced Consulting

Artificial intelligence and big data, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of consulting

Maintenance and technical assistance

We take care, update and exploit all the potential.

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Companies that trust in us

More than 30 universities

Prescription and enrollment assistants, automation, virtual tutors, student retention. Referred to as international success stories (Harvard Business Review, El País…)

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The most important Admin. public

Ministry of Finance, Madrid City Hall, Valencia City Council, State Ports, ICEX, Ministry of Culture, Open Administration of Catalonia, Barcelona Provincial Council, Valencia Provincial Council…

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innovative companies

Companies of all sectors and sizes: Bankia, Airzone, Red Eléctrica de España, Acciona, Musaat, AINIA, Terra Natura Benidorm, Gastroportal, Casamayor, AEDAS Home, Parlem…

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we will make it possible

We give you all the information you need.

  We identify your priorities and needs with you.

We will show you step by step how to implement AI in such a way that it generates real value: see steps in AI implementation



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