'Expert' assistants in different areas of Law

GPT4 + Platform with its own information vectors and control through "control panel".

"Record" to an AI 'expert' in any specialty of Law

How It Works

GPT4 powered by our platform and dashboard

In 4 steps:

1. Customize your “expert” professional assistant

Name, appearance, etc.

"2. We define your expertise and ability to respond professionally.

It will help as an "expert in any predetermined professional field.

3. With specific and unique information of high value 

You will be able to enter specific and unique information of high value for your professional activity and exploit it with GPT4

4. Exploit the potential of your "smart" helper:

  • Quickly insert it into your web page
  • Consult it and share it in your whatsapp
  • To integrate the "expert"-helper in apps, platforms or systems.
  • Exploit the data generated through the control panel from 1MillionBot.
  • Feed it and refresh it with own materials and unique.
  • Customize now its functions even more.
  • Control specific responses related to your activity and person. 

Procedural law

Rules and principles that regulate judicial processes. See also: Litigation

Labor and

Hiring, layoffs, wages, working conditions, collective bargaining and labor conflicts...

Commercial Law

Creation of companies, commercial contracts, intellectual property, competition law...

Administrative Law

Licenses, permits, administrative sanctions and contentious-administrative appeals

Civil Law

Contracts, civil liability, family law, inheritance and property.

Criminal Law

Crimes and misdemeanors, sanctions and security measures applicable to offenders.

Family law

Marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption and alimony.

Intellectual Property Law

Patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights

International right

Public and private international; relations between States and international organizations; relationships between individuals.

environmental law

Environmental protection, sustainability, conservation and the use of natural resources. Regulation in specific sectors.

tax law

Taxes and contributions applicable to individuals and companies, procedures and resources related to taxes

EU law

Relations between the Member States of the European Union and the European institutions; community law.

New Technologies Law

Privacy, data protection, cybersecurity, electronic commerce and responsibility in digital platforms.

Banking and financial law

Activities financial entities, financial products, stock markets, capital regulation, financial issues.

Consumer law

Protection of consumer rights in their relations with companies and merchants; commercial and advertising practices. New ways of consumption.

Real Estate Law

p-related topicsreal estate, real estate, purchase, sale, lease and management of real estate, contracts and associated litigation.


Legal advice in judicial processes. Preparation and presentation of legal documents. Case evaluation…

Chatbot 'Processor'

The Processor helps citizens to complete procedures in the Administration 

What can the IA  by law?

Everything, or almost everything...
AI in the field of common law has projected numerous use cases: basic legal advice, drafting of legal documents, tovirtual assistants for lawyers, predictive analysis…
And also, e-discovery and data analysis (analysis of large volumes of documents and electronic data to identify relevant and potentially valuable information in litigation and investigations), regulatory compliance and risk management (compliance)...

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From the simplest...

Complete your web page with an assistant that captures leads and answers frequent questions

elzabot is the intelligent assistant of Elzaburu, a firm specializing in intellectual property, answers questions such as: Do author deadlines have a validity period? How much does it cost to register a brand? How can I register a domain name? Should I update the privacy notice of my website? Can I request that offensive comments about my company be deleted on Facebook?

… even the most complex

Basic legal advice

Information and basic legal advice in common areas, such as labor law, intellectual property, contracts and civil disputes. Help users get quick answers to frequently asked questions.

Redaction of documents

Generate legal documents, such as contracts, confidentiality agreements, wills, and forms, using predefined templates and filling in user-specific information.

virtual assistants for lawyers

Bots for lawyers, for organizing their work, managing appointments, deadline reminders and monitoring pending tasks. Legal research, looking for legislation, jurisprudence and documents.

E-discovery and data analysis

In e-discovery processes, analyzing large volumes of electronic documents and data to identify relevant and potentially valuable information in litigation and investigations.

Predictive analytics

AI can analyze historical data from court cases to predict the outcome of future cases, which can be useful for strategic decision-making and risk assessment in legal cases.

Legal Intelligence

IA applied to law
Chatbots and GPT4

File the best expert in any specialty

PODOACTIVA 1MillionBot...


More than 30 universities: assistants for prescription and enrollment, automation, virtual tutors, student retention. Referred to as international success stories (Harvard Business Review, El País…)

Admin Public

Ministry of Finance, Madrid City Council, Valencia City Council, State Ports, ICEX, Ministry of Culture, Open Administration of Catalonia, Barcelona Provincial Council, Valencia Provincial Council…


Companies of all sectors and sizes: Bankia, Airzone, Red Eléctrica de España, Acciona, Musaat, AINIA, Terra Natura Benidorm, Gastroportal, Casamayor, AEDAS Home, Parlem…

parters & Alliances

Imagine what to do with the Artificial intelligence.
we will make it possible

We give you all the information you need.

  We identify your priorities and needs with you.

We will show you step by step how to implement AI in such a way that it generates real value: see steps in AI implementation



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